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Coden Können – Workshops Update

Coaching mit Johannes Rubenz
Workshop an der FH Puch (Barcamp ‚The Next Web‘ Oktober 2014) [Foto: Fabian Hoffmann]

A teacher who can be replaced ought to.

Wie schön Bücher, Blogs und Tutorials auch sein mögen – nachhaltig, effizient und mit Freude lernen lässt’s sich im direkten Kontakt mit einem Coach, der Leidenschaft, fachliche Fundierung und tausende Stunden Unterrichtserfahrung mitbringt.
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12. Mai 2014

Livereloading PHP files with gulp & MAMP

Improving my workflow with Gulp’s livereload-feature I had a hard time figuring out why Chrome would not update my PHP files even though Gulp had clearly reloaded my changed files. I would have to wait about half a minute to be able to refresh the page with its current content.
Turning off Chrome’s cache in the developer tools and enabling livereload with local files in the plugin’s settings did not solve the problem.
As it turned out the cache issue is caused by MAMP. Disabling caching manually in MAMP’S php.ini file finally made the livereload-magic work.